University Housing Access

All University Housing access issues are the responsibility of the Residential Security Office,  a 24/7 operation located in the upper lobby of Speare Hall. Husky Card Services works closely with the Residential Security Office to ensure that every student has the proper access to their assigned University Housing location and that the security measures put in place are working to their full extent.

Individual Card Access

Each student living in a University-owned housing assignment has their access pre-programmed on their Husky Card, allowing  access to their building and specific wing where their room is located. Each student only has swipe access into their building, not all University Housing. Students must be signed-in by a resident if they wish to visit a location where they do not live.

Multi-layered Security

Northeastern University has implemented a multi-layered security system for University Housing. During the daytime, building doors remain open but will lock during the nighttime via a computerized electronic access control system. Students living in the building will be required to use their Husky Card at the reader on the outside of the building to gain access.

Inside the building residents will need to hand their Husky Card to a Proctor who will check the photo on the card and swipe the Husky Card to make sure the student is permitted to be in that building. Once the student enters their wing where their room is located, they will have to tap their Husky Card on their door and type in a personal identification code to open their door.

In the event of a lost Husky Card, go to Husky Card Preferences in the Student Hub to report a lost card as soon as possible. Alternatively, contact NUPD at 617-373-2121 and email the Husky Card Office at A hold will be placed on the card until a new Husky Card can be printed which permanently deactivates the previous card. If you mark your card as lost in Husky Card Preferences, make sure to mark as found when your card is located OR reprinted to remove the hold.



4 Speare Commons - Lower Level
Mon-Fri 8:30 AM — 4:30 PM
617.373.8740 (EST)


138 Sage Hall
Mon-Fri 8:30 AM — 4:30 PM
510.430.2128 (PST) 


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