Photo Guidelines

In order to submit a photo for your Northeastern University Husky Card, you must adhere to the following requirements below. Your picture will not be accepted if it does not meet these standards.

  • Photo must have a solid white background
  • Photo must be from the chest up (head-shot)
  • Photo should be no more than 300 pixels x 300 pixels. Larger files will not upload.
  • Photo must be saved as a .jpg file. Other formats will not upload to our system.
  • Photo must be in color and well lit 
  • Photo must be of you and only you, with a full-frontal view facing the camera
  • Photo must have a neutral or smiling facial expression, both eyes open with no hand gestures
  • No hats, sunglasses, masks or concealment of facial features are allowed (unless for religious purposes)
  • No filters, photo-shopping, or retouching may be applied to the photo
  • Glasses may be worn so long as there is no glare
  • A shirt or blouse must be worn in the photo
  • No photo proofs or watermarked images
  • Your photo may be viewed by University officials so please choose a sensible photo

In order to receive your Husky Card, a valid government issued photo ID such as a passport or license must be presented at the time of pick up. Please see below for a full list of acceptable identification:

Examples of Acceptable Photos:

Examples of Unacceptable Photos:



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